Our Church Children’s Bible School

First children's bible school group photo
First children’s bible school group photo
Children bible school group
Children’s bible school group photo

It is CBS mission & vision to foster, implement and spread the teaching of Jesus Christ. We pray & plan to accomplish this by providing our CBS children with spiritual guidance toward improving their quality of life through providing them with the best biblical education and inspiration. Embracing the whole concept that mankind may be delivered from sin, matured in the faith and deployed into destiny; we pray and help our children to live a life worthy of their calling.

It is our CBS Teams’ effort that we be the spiritual guide through teaching and preaching the glorious principles of God in our children’s life. We continue to pray that this be accomplished as we provide instructional classes, designed to fulfill not only the spiritual need but also the natural need of our children.

Our aim is also to win the confidence of the community, where people can find and receive genuine help for their Children through Jesus Christ our Saviour. And our CBS team always makes sure that we aggressively seek methods and target programs, to bring out the best from our Children.


First Bethel AG Doha, CBS student who is to become a pastor : SILAS GEORGE

Silas' baptism. 1st child went to bible college

Baptism of Silas George

Br. Silas George

After his 12 standard in MES Indian School, Doha, he started his Theological studies in Faith Theological Seminary, Manakala, Adoor. He graduated from there in Bachelor of Theology. Currently studying M.A in Theology Final year at Regent College, Vancouver, Canada.

Pr. Anish Babu

Pastor of Kids Ministry

We truly believe and thrive to achieve the promise given by our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ as in the Holy Scriptures.

Matthew 21:16; “Out Of The Mouth Of Infants And Nursing Babies You Have Prepared Praise For Yourself”.

Psalms 8:2; “From the mouth of infants and nursing babes you have established strength”.

May the almighty God enable our children, as we implant this mustard seed in their heart, to gain them for Ever and through them many to Christ.

with sweet regards,

Yours in Christ,

Pr. Anish Babu
CBS Headmaster
Bethel AG

Children’s Bible School Teachers

BAg Sunday school teachers group photos with Pr. Pm George  & Pr. Kurian Samuel